Traveling using hostels

Traveling the world is fun and exciting. Unfortunately, it can also be very expensive. In this troubled economy, airfare has risen dramatically in prices, making it difficult to travel with. Also think about having to book hotels. Vacation expenses accumulate and make it virtually impossible for some people to travel. However, this is another option for the typical hotel when visiting. Hostels are conveniently located in all major cities and in many smaller cities around the world A hostel is basically a large room designed in dorm style. These places are not for people looking for luxury or privacy, but are perfect for people looking for a clean, accessible and safe place to sleep before their next trip. The hostels are great places for new travelers or packages behind, as well as shared accommodation, such as kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Hostels are a great way to refresh and relax on a budget.
There are some things that people need to look for when thinking about staying in a hostel. The first step is to check if the hostel is registered on the hostel’s international network. While independent hostels are usually in good condition, hostels that are members of the international hostel network must meet certain safety and cleanliness standards. They are regularly audited by international network inspectors for residents to make sure they meet the standards. Whenever possible, it is always your best bet to stay in one of these listed hostels.

Also be sure to ask the hostel staff if they have any specific rules or conditions that you should be aware of. Many hostels have admission times and itineraries to ensure that it is a safe place where guests get the rest they are looking for. Many hotels do not allow alcohol. This is also in an effort to maintain a safe environment. Some hostels accept registration, while others are top priority. That’s why it’s important to know the recording times. You’ll want to get there before the hostel fills up.

Finally, make sure the hostel is clean and do not be afraid to ask questions about any suspicious activity. Ask where precious items can be safely stored. Usually, a safe is available to protect items from theft. Hostel managers prefer to keep their hostels safe and will usually take care of any problems. Also, hotel managers, like hotels, want to keep their guests happy. Ask if they offer single or double rooms. Some hostels have these rooms and can rent them, usually for a slightly higher price.

Hostels are a wonderful way to travel the world on a budget. They are usually used for backpackers and students because they are affordable and can be held up to an hour’s notice. Many people decide on the same day they stay that night, so a hostel is a great convenience, as you do not always need a reservation. The hostels are safe, affordable and easily accessible and allow anyone to travel the world on a budget.

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Cheap Chicago Hotels Guide to the Most Affordable Accommodation Options All over the City

Being the third most populous city in the US, Chicago is filled with hotels, inns, hostels and all available accommodation. It is a hub for both international business and tourism. There is such a wide range of accommodation that you should be able to find a place to stay independent of your budget. Cheap Chicago hotels are located in every neighborhood, including the city center and the surrounding area.

The great thing about many of these hotels is that even though they are cheap, they are still very nice. take it

Warwick Allerton for example. It is a four-star hotel on Northern Michigan Avenue that has received many positive reviews. You may also be interested in Congress Plaza Hotel on Southern Michigan Avenue. It has some very nice rooms with free Wi-Fi and a business center.

Whether you're traveling for business or just want to stay at the Magnificent Mile or "The Loop", there is the four-star Talbott Hotel, just a short walk from the John Hancock Center. City attractions include a business center, free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, and pet friendly. Some cheap Chicago hotels, such as the Sofitel in Magnificent Mile, are four-star and luxury hotels. There are budget rooms, luxurious rooms, superior rooms, suites etc.

A good family-friendly hotel is The Lincoln Park Inn. It offers free breakfast, family rooms, a concierge and air conditioning. It is close to a variety of restaurants and shops. Willows is another cheap hotel located in a low-traffic area near Lincoln Park.

Wrigley Field is a popular attraction for baseball lovers. It is home to the Cubs and is surrounded by cheap hotels and sports bars. Majestic Hotel is just 0.6 miles from Wrigley Field and offers free breakfast and Wi-Fi. Another option is the City Suites Hotel, which also offers great amenities. Hotel Versey Days Inn (from Wyndham) is not only accessible, it has spacious rooms with very unique décor.

Other cheap hotels in Chicago

• James Chicago

• Club Quarters Hotel (central loop)

• Free Chicago

• Motel 6 Elk Grove Village (near Hare Airport)

• Chicago's Essex Inn

Decide whether or not to include airline tickets and car rentals with your trip planning. You can book everything at once or separately. Online travel price comparison websites often offer full package discounts or agreed deals. Chicago is not the easiest city to pass, as traffic can be stressful, so you may want to opt for public transport for which there is plenty.

During the winter months you will find cheap hotels in Chicago at the lowest rates. However, winter in Chicago can be quite extreme.

Regardless of the time of year, you will always find prices for cheap hotels in Chicago at Travelocity. Go ahead and use the site to book your airline or train ticket. There are travel guides and resources to help you plan your itinerary. Use Travelocity hotel promotional codes to save even more.

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Everything you wanted to know about Boutique hotels

The residence industry is one of the oldest businesses in this world. It's been a while since people started traveling from one place to another for commercial and other purposes. What began as the need for time (rest and refuge on long trips) soon became an industry that offered comfort, convenience and even luxury at the border. For example, the Greeks built thermal baths that allowed them to rest and recover. The Romans built palace mansions for travelers, while Caravanserais provided refuge not only for men but also for their animals along the famous Silk Road from Turkey to China.

In the 21st century, hotels have evolved into a flourishing business that has become an integral part of the travel industry. The styles range from fantastic properties to youth hostels and all-inclusive honeymoon resorts to picturesque hostels.

However, as competition increased and hotels began to offer services across the chain, there was a need for something innovative in the market. Tired of impersonal services, people have started moving to smaller hotels that offer personalized attention and unique experiences.

This is how the love of the boutique hotels was born. Today, it is the most sought after accommodation option for leisure travelers and the ultimate name for exclusivity. More and more people are choosing to stay in boutique hotels because they almost always guarantee that they will have a good time and have great value for their money.

Given the popularity they enjoy, it's worth taking a look at the fascinating history of boutique hotels and tracking their evolution over time.

History of Boutique Hotels

The first boutique hotels appeared in the early '80s, the first two of which were The Blakes Hotel in South Kensington in London and Bedford in San Francisco's Union Square. The term "boutique hotel", however, appeared much later in 1984, coined by Steve Rubell. Comparing its own establishment, the Morgans Hotel, in a small boutique, obviously wants to highlight its exclusivity and set it apart from other hotels that were cultivated everywhere, like monolithic department stores.

This does not mean that boutique hotels are a modern invention. There are many documented cases of similar deposit experiences dating back to the 13th century, when places were created for travelers to Mongolia and China.

Here are some more examples of one-of-a-kind boutique hotels that are popular nowadays:

  • In 1705, César Ritz opened a boutique hotel in Place Vendôme, which gave him great praise from King Edward VII who named him "king of hoteliers and hoteliers in kings" .
  • In 1822, Venetian artist Giuseppe Rubino transformed an old palace into a charming hotel and renamed it "il Rubino".
  • In 1880, the Sagamore Hotel in Lake George (New York State) became the first to provide electricity to all of its rooms, causing minor disturbances to visitors at that time.
  • In 1900, Edouard Niiermans, known as the architect of the palaces, transformed the summer residence of Emperor Napoleon III – the villa "Eugenie" into a charming and sophisticated hotel.
  • In 1919, Barcelona inaugurated an elegant hotel equipped with hot and cold water in its bathrooms.

As you can see, there have been numerous opportunities throughout the history of the lodging industry when hoteliers applied creativity and offered top-notch services to stay ahead of the competition and offer something extraordinary to their guests.

21st Century Boutique Hotel – Features that stand out

Today, the term "boutique hotel" is used to describe small facilities with approximately 150 rooms. It is privately owned or part of a small group of hotels and is known for its iconic, unforgettable and at times eccentric design themes. The concept of boutique hotels became a trend after hotelier Ian Schrager and French designer Philippe Starck used unique designs to build their hotels. And now, it has become a flourishing industry of its own, complete with unique features and properties.

Here are some of the most important ones.

The size matters

Boutique hotels are generally considered small but do not belong to the same category as hotels and apartments that accommodate up to 10 rooms. Boutique hotels can have up to 150 rooms, which makes it seem smaller when compared to most chain hotels.

However, this familiar scale helps to create an intimate atmosphere with peace and privacy. These comfortable properties often have a shared "living space" where guests can sit and interact with each other.

The personality speaks volumes

As boutique hotels are independently owned and not affiliated with any major chain, they are a brand in themselves. They have a distinct atmosphere that sets them apart from others. It is their unique personality and the absence of cookie cutter solutions that visitors find refreshing, attracting more and more people to boutique hotels.

Designed by Desire

Boutique hotels are known for their famous interiors, often created by leading designers and architects. In general, these specialist hotels tend to retain a refreshed look, combining historical elegance with elegant details. The décor conveys a progressive style forward and the overall design can range from contemporary and graphic to intimate and artistic. Each room is uniquely decorated, with exclusive amenities and luxurious bedding.

It's all in the charm

You know how you walk into a big hotel, but nothing is really spectacular or interesting? The boutique hotels will have none of them and the first thing to grab your attention is their eccentric personality. It's funky, trendy, and offbeat. For example, the Monaco Hotel in Washington will bring goldfish into a bowl in your room if you do not have your own pet.

Great location

Although there are no hard and fast rules about where a boutique hotel should be located, it is no coincidence that the best of them have a great location going to them. When designing boutique hotels, most hoteliers choose the most curious places and most places to place them. You can find them even in high-end neighborhoods, away from the hustle, but still close to the city's sights and attractions. Another popular choice for boutique hotels would be in areas that are far from the city, in the lap of nature and surrounded by lush vegetation.

Great service

One of the most distinctive features of boutique hotels are the highly personalized and exclusive services expanding to their customers. The staff are kind and friendly and are likely to know your name from day one. The hotel offers luxurious amenities such as an extensive pillow menu, personal care products and a range of relaxing spa services. A rich selection of food and drink menus is also a signature part of a boutique hotel. All these services combined create a top notch and unique experience for visitors.

Delicious dining options

Another feature that makes boutique hotels stand out from other hotels is their significant focus on creating great restaurants and bars that are modish and modern. These hotels have a high reputation for themselves, which is independent of conventional stars. Thanks to their appeal, they can draw crowds not only locally but also globally.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why boutique hotels are rapidly gaining popularity among travelers, who demand more than the comfort and convenience of their accommodation choices. They want to be surprised, they want to experience something new, something completely different from what the train hotels offer. In fact, these days, unless you are staying in a boutique hotel, you find it not fashionable.

I do not mean in any way to imply that hotels are boring or unwanted. There are excellent hotels around the world that offer off-season services to their guests. However, boutique hotels break the traditional mold and refuse to be packed with regular patterns. Offering guests style, distinction, intimacy and warmth, they leave guests with an experience they can love forever. And isn't that what the hotels they set out to do in the first place?

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Seven Tips for Spontaneous Travel

Picture one day, just like any other. You drive home from work or school or the grocery store and suddenly … BOOM! There again is this old familiar desire to reach the motorway and drive to the sunset, to land where the road will always lead you. Do you go with the emotion? Or do you drive home to continue your secular life? You may, realistically, drive home and plan a spontaneous get-a-way. Here are seven tips for spontaneous travel on a tight budget.

Personally, I find excitement when driving to a large unknown city and going where the wind blows. I have experience with adventures in cities like New Orleans, Atlanta, St. Louis Louis, Chicago, Boston, New York, Boulder, Flagstaff, LA and San Francisco! As you can see, you can go almost anywhere with a clean slate, without knowing anyone or anything else.

Start with a cup of coffee and ask your local barista for tips on a sweet spot nearby to get some live music or anything you might be interested in. Get a map of the area and a local event calendar to learn about this new territory. Find a sleeping hostel for the night. Hostels are great places to meet people and get tips for events in the area. Camping is also an enjoyable travel experience. Many national parks offer free camping which is an exclusive refuge. On several occasions, I stopped for gas as the sun was setting and called for a nearby campsite. Rarely do I find a cheap or free camp nearby.

It's important to be easier in these conditions. If you are overly selective or at a high level of maintenance, you are not saying what a chance you will miss. Keep an open mind throughout your experience, and I guarantee it will make sense.

It's incredibly easy to eat cheaply on the road and in big cities. During a one month trip, I can eat at less than $ 50 for the whole trip. First of all, if you have a very strict budget, don't eat. Buy all your groceries and buy smart. You can experience PB & J sandwiches and fruits! If you feel like me, you need to have your caffeine in the morning, so bring a warm one to fill with coffee instead of buying different cups along the way.

If you are really hurting for a free meal, several Krishna temples in big cities serve food to the public on the weekends, if not daily! Krishna Temple in New Orleans provides food to over 200 people every Sunday night. Foods are not bombs & # 39; is a thirty-year-old organization that serves free meals daily in more than 1,000 cities around the world, protesting the war, poverty and destruction of Mother Earth. This revolutionary movement is worth considering and taking the opportunity to participate actively. Vegetarians need not worry. both of these organizations serve 100% meat-free meals!

The whole experience is up to you. With a good attitude, an open mind, and a heart full of love, you will take with you an invaluable experience to apply to your daily life. What are you waiting for? Get out there and get the life skills that will turn your ordinary life into the greatest adventure of the moment!

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Where to Find the Best Hotel Accommodation Online

Going on a trip? There are so many things to keep in mind when booking a hotel stay. There is the actual location of the hotel, its access to public transport, its proximity to the places you want to visit, hotel reviews are also a big factor and of course there is the cost.

Fortunately, everything is accessible online today. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies that offer accommodation at different price points. So if you're a backpacker or leisure traveler, we've got you covered!

1. Booking.com

Booking.com enjoys being in the top 1 of the world's top online travel agencies since 2014 (according to Skift). They provide various types of accommodation from high quality hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Guest ratings appear on the site and you can search for hotel accommodations depending on your budget, with most offers offering free cancellation.

2. Travel

Launched in 1996, Expedia recently acquired Orbitz, another online travel agency. Hotel reservations are only part of Expedia's business, as well as airline reservations, cruises, and even car rentals. You Can Earn Reward Points & # 39; upon receiving the Expedia + card. They also regularly have secret offers and discount coupons for those looking for a deal.

3. Agoda.com

The only online travel agency based in Asia (Singapore) that has become part of the world's leading online travel agencies. Agoda.com has steadily increased their customer base by offering a "Best Price Guarantee" in their rooms, as well as having specialized "flash sales". Accommodations in Agoda hotel units vary from luxury hotels, inns, hostels to resorts.

4. Tripadvisor.com

While Tripadvisor.com is primarily a review website, they also offer the option of booking hotels. Currently, the site is in the Top 2 on the list of the world's top online travel agencies, also according to Skift. What's nice with this is that as you look at different accommodation offers, you can also see price comparisons with another site offering the same hotel. Usually, the prices on tripadvisor.com are reduced, so you get the best deal. Also, user-generated reviews are very useful.

5. Hotels.com

You can book hotels in Hotels.com for over 325,000 hotels worldwide. Bed & Breakfasts, inns, even some condos are also included in his inventory. They have a lot for long-term guests called "Hotels.com rewards". Guests staying for at least 10 nights receive a discount on their next booking.

6. BedandBreakfast.com

For those looking for the quaint charm of bed and breakfast accommodation, BedandBreakfast.com is a special place for over 20 years. The site offers Hot Deals, and has a special area for Diamond Collection Inns, featuring luxurious breakfast and breakfast accommodations.

7. Hostels.com

Offering great deals on hostels everywhere, the site has 33,000 hostels in stock. And if you sign up for a SmartSavers membership, you don't actually get booking fees. Ideal for those on a budget, there are many options on this site.

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The budget Hotel London UK makes London accessible to all income groups

Cheap hotel London United Kingdom can be an absurd term for someone and if you still persist then you may notice as you stop exploring. Good! It can be a daydreaming but not for those who are going in the planned way.

One can get not so expensive accommodation, but in the so-called bad part of town. One must be ready to face a dirty room with unwashed leaves there. The easiest way to get the deal like the cheap London UK hotel is to choose hostels instead of hotels. The public transport system in the UK is very good. Therefore, it doesn't matter what you live in London. Abuse is a major disadvantage in these hostels. You cannot find separate rooms in these hostels. Still, if you stay there, you will have to keep valuables with yourself and keep the rest in the storage box.

London hotels are renowned for their impressive architecture and luxury that is the best and most expensive in the world. One gets the prince like feeling in these hotels and most people come to London to experience just such feelings. Basically, British colonies spread all over the world. So people have a different mentality about London. In their view, London is the king's city and the people of London are knights or aristocrats. Even the people of London are well aware of these events and can see their attitude.

London is a witness to the continued prosperity that is a great challenge for other cities. Who can forget the great catastrophes of fire and plague in the 17th century. If we believe in the quote from a popular legend, then the fire started at Pudding Lane and ended at Pye Corner, which shows a traumatic fire scene. His mark can be seen at the tall monument near London Bridge. But, with the humble relationship with all the people of London who rebuilt a better London. Rigorous health care and improved road conditions have made this city the most beautiful and healthiest city in the world.

Again in World War I, German zeppelins destroyed London but it was not a disaster, in fact it was an extension of the city of London as the population moved to the suburbs. So the suburbs developed and the largest London was to be introduced into the world. Today, again, London has established itself as the world's economic, cultural, educational hub. Institutions such as the London School of Economics, the London School of Business are still the dream institutions of many students around the world.

The best thing with these universities is that they are determined to benefit from the best education in the best. As a result, they offer many scholarships to deserving students. Thus, students do not have to deal with the high cost of living. They must dream and work hard in this direction. Even cheap London hotels pay close attention to dignity and offer discounts for them.

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Cheap Hotels in Gaslamp / Downtown San Diego – What kind of accommodation is perfect for you?

Are you planning to stay at the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter? If you are not familiar with the area, it is useful to see an online map to see if the hotels are near the shops and restaurants you want to visit. Although not a very large area, you still do not want to walk too much. There are a variety of cheap hotels in Gaslamp throughout the 16 ½ block history.

The history of the neighborhood dates back to 1867. The area took some time to develop and is now used as a venue for many cultural events, festivals and musical performances. There is no shortage of live entertainment. No matter which hotel you choose to stay in, there will be something fun nearby.

You can filter hotels by criteria such as price, star ratings, specific location, chains etc. Some of the cheap mid-range hotels in the Gaslamp / Downtown San Diego area include Plaza Suites, Ramada Gaslamp Convention Center, Comfort Inn, Bristol Hotel, and the Mariana Inn & Suites. There are also hostels to consider, such as Hostel on 3rd and Hi San Diego Downtown.

If you're looking for a four star hotel or higher, you might want to compare prices at The Hilton, Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, The Pendry or The Omni. Although these are not the cheapest hotels, you may still be able to get a good deal depending on the time of year.

Always read reviews of cheap hotels in Gaslamp. Since not all reviews are reliable, read them with a grain of salt. Sometimes the hotel is not to blame. Still, if the overwhelming majority of critics have negative things to say, then maybe there is really a problem.

Amenities for cheap Gaslamp hotels

Check out the amenities you want. If you are going to rent a car, will you be able to leave it free at the hotel parking lot? If you need some work on your laptop or tablet, will Wi-Fi be free and fixed? Or do you have to pay extra for this? Would you prefer a hotel that has its own restaurants or would you rather eat it? Will you be allowed to keep your pet in the room if you are traveling with one?

Some of the cheaper hotels and hostels have small rooms and shared bathrooms. If you plan to spend most of your time outdoors and enjoy the nightlife, this may not be a problem.

In short, there are many cheap hotels in Gaslamp that will suit your needs. It should not be too difficult to find an ideal room.

You can read reviews of cheap hotels in Gaslamp online. No matter what type of hotel or room you are interested in, it is the best place to plan your trip. While you're at it, use the online coupons through the app or website to reduce the cost associated with your reservation.

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Pass the hotel and stay in a hostel

Hostelling is a great way to travel if you are on a tight budget. Popular with college students traveling to Europe, hostels offer low-budget and low-cost luxury accommodation for those who do not think about carrying and sharing with other travelers.

This method of travel can offer adventure and the opportunity to meet different people, but it is not for everyone. It is great for the individual traveler or group of young people, but families with young children and couples who want a romantic holiday should open for more private homes.

Most hostels are designed as dormitory style rooms, with a range of bunk beds fitted throughout the room. The number of bunk beds in a single room varies, with an average of four to ten bunk beds per room. Each traveler has a specific bunk at check-in.

Almost all hostels in the United States divide their accommodations by gender, with guests in one square of the room and men in another. In multi-storey hostels, each sex is often designated a particular floor or group of floors.

In Europe and elsewhere around the world, hostels with mixed rooms for women can be found. If you do not feel comfortable carrying with members of the opposite sex, be sure to ask about the settings before installing.

The hostel bath accommodations also vary, with some rooms having shared bathrooms and showers, while other hostels will have showers and bath facilities located in the corridor. If this is an important issue, you should make sure you ask about the bathroom facilities when making the reservation.

Although hostelling is a very informal way to travel, you have to make reservations especially during the summer. Over time, you could fly and stay, but this method of travel is becoming more and more popular and some hostels can be booked for months during popular tourist seasons. Better to call ahead than stay out in the cold!

The main appeal of accommodation in hostels, of course, is the price. The nightly rate for a hostel rarely exceeds $ 25 or $ 30 per night, while most hostel accommodation costs much less. With the average hotel room ranging from $ 100 to $ 150 in many locations, it's easy to see why hostels are becoming so popular.

In addition, the staff of most hostels are extremely helpful and up to date on the area. Unlike many luxury hotel staff who travel from the suburbs and rarely see the city where the hostel staff live in their city and have an intimate knowledge of local attractions, Don't waste and what a waste of money.

In addition, hostels often have access to discounts and coupons for local attractions and restaurants and can provide valuable information on the best low-cost restaurants in the area.

Accommodation in a hostel will not please everyone and certainly not for all holidays, but they can be an excellent accommodation for the tourist budget. If your main goal is to go out and look for new adventures and places to see and look less interested in luxury accommodation then the hostels will allow you to save money on accommodation so you can spend more on travel destinations and your experiences.

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Traveler Budget – Looking for Accommodations

Travelers with tight finances look to the hostels. Originally a European phenomenon catering to students, hostels offer excellent accommodation for those who do not go crazy on furniture or Spartan furniture.

The hostels offer the adventure and opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures, but not for everyone. Hostels can be the way to go for singles and small groups of younger travelers. Probably not for newlyweds or families with young children.

Bed linens in a large open room are usually bedrooms in hostels, some may have smaller rooms with less bunk beds. Some rooms are arranged with 4-8 bunk beds – offering a bit more privacy for those in a group. Check-in procedures are fairly standard – you have a bed and you are given an oral orientation or printed "house rules".

Almost all hostels in the United States divide their accommodations by gender, with guests in one square and male clients in another. Males and females can get a floor assigned by sex if the building is multi-storey.

Outside of the US, males and females can share accommodations, so be sure to ask about sleeping arrangements if sharing a room with members of the opposite sex is a problem for you.

Bathrooms and showers vary from hostel to hostel. Some smaller rooms may have a semi-private bathroom. Some hostels have these facilities under the room. Be aware of bathroom / shower arrangements in advance to avoid unpleasant indications upon arrival.

If you are traveling in the summer, make sure you book, so there are no unpleasant surprises. As more and more people of all ages start traveling, the demand for accommodation is increasing – make sure you book. Book – Looking for a room at the last minute is a pain.

Price is the main advantage when staying in a hostel. The cost of an overnight stay depends on where you travel in the world. A "research mind" can save $ 100 by choosing a hostel on the same site as a hotel.

Many of the hostel staff members are travelers on their own and are quite attuned to customer needs. Most of the hostel staff live in the neighborhood and are aware of what is happening nearby.

Hostel staff know why you stay with them – to save money. They will provide you with good information on restaurants, nightlife and other attractions that interest you. They may also know how to enjoy the high ticket attractions without paying the high fare.

Hostels are not for everyone – a good thing, otherwise it would not be so cheap! It's in business with the budget traveler – you. Staying in a hostel will stretch your travel dollar and broaden your horizons. Value Traveler; Hostels are the way!

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Hostel Zoe: A Joyride

I would personally recommend that anyone coming from any background, genealogy or age try to live in a hostel at least once in their lifetime. Too bold statement? Well I don't think so. I have been staying in a hostel for the last 3 years and plan to do so for next year as well. The reason why I support this cause so much is that no matter what is bad or bad, living in a hostel provides a person with valuable and invaluable experiences that equip him to better manage their lives from now on. As Mark Twain rightly remarked: "We must take care to get out of an experience only the wisdom that is in it – and stop there, lest we be like the cat sitting in a hot lid. a hot lid pan again – and that's good, but it will never sit in a cold anymore. "Good judgment often comes from experience, but experience alone comes from both bad and good times, and a hostel is perfect place to start especially when a person enters adulthood.

After describing the impact of the dorm hostel host, let me discuss some advantages and disadvantages of living in a hostel.


• Uncertainty decreases –
Well, living in a hostel gives a person quite a chance to interact with people, because within the hostel complex people are all around. Those people who are shy and unable to interact with others properly over a period of time should definitely talk to people at least their roommates for sure. Added to these festivals, festivals and birthday parties encourage relationships and give people plenty of opportunity to get out of their embarrassment.
• Interactions –
For those of us who are not too shy a hostel is the perfect place to meet people from different areas, environments and social strata. People from different countries meet and live under a common roof, allowing for an informed and interactive session.
• It's Cheap –
Let's face it, kids living in a hostel are incredibly cheap if you let go of the ultra-modern and AC. Speaking of basic accommodation with all the requirements a hostel needs is a perfect place. Even college hostels that many students prefer are comparatively cheaper than living in a rented home or hotel. I live in a college hostel, which is really a good place to party!

• Forgetting Bad Things –
People can be tempted to do things that will hurt them in the long run. Cases of cocaine, ganja, smoking cigarettes as well as alcohol consumption have been observed in hostels.
• Lack of privacy –
Privacy is at risk when living in a hostel. In many hostels people have roommates, who further reduce privacy.
• Security –
Occasionally cases are also reported in hostels.

So there is the living hostel explained from different points of view. One has to try to live in a hostel and not forget to learn from one another's mistakes and lead a good life ahead.

Source by Varun Jaiswal

Hotels Khao San – Hotels need no hostels in this part of the world

This capital traveler destination has been known to travelers in Thailand and Bangkok for years. Aliens, usually young backpackers in their 20s, use it as a base or stopover after a long flight to spend a night or two before heading to the jungles of the North or the beaches of the South. Then, once the tiring trip is over, he returns to one of the picturesque rooms of Khao San for some rest before heading home.

It will be difficult to find a traditional hostel in this backpacker area. There are many hotels near Khao San. However, for accommodation, what you find on the street are essentially hostels. Instead of sleeping in a large room with a bunch of smelly 100-baht trips, you can sleep in a single unit with privacy and a lock on your door for the same price. Shower and bath facilities are likely to share this price, of course. Khao San hostels usually have restaurants or bars downstairs and play movies in the evening that you can watch for free. For young tourists on a tight budget, this is the place to be.

As you don't want to spend too much time in a small room, there are many things to do here such as hitting the clubs and the popular night market. There are tons of delicious and varied restaurants around as well. Khao San is very close to Bangkok's main tourist destinations, such as the Grand Palace. Best of all, over a million new young tourists visit this backpacker street every year, so you will surely find interesting and beautiful girlfriends from all over the world if you so desire.

In conclusion, hostels are not what you need in Bangkok. At Khao San, rooms for the budget traveler are in many hostels. Those staying at Khao San hotels pay the rates for a hostel but at least have some privacy and may be part of the excitement at this Bangkok tourist destination.

Source by Jeremiah Iverson