Hotels Khao San – Hotels need no hostels in this part of the world

This capital traveler destination has been known to travelers in Thailand and Bangkok for years. Aliens, usually young backpackers in their 20s, use it as a base or stopover after a long flight to spend a night or two before heading to the jungles of the North or the beaches of the South. Then, once the tiring trip is over, he returns to one of the picturesque rooms of Khao San for some rest before heading home.

It will be difficult to find a traditional hostel in this backpacker area. There are many hotels near Khao San. However, for accommodation, what you find on the street are essentially hostels. Instead of sleeping in a large room with a bunch of smelly 100-baht trips, you can sleep in a single unit with privacy and a lock on your door for the same price. Shower and bath facilities are likely to share this price, of course. Khao San hostels usually have restaurants or bars downstairs and play movies in the evening that you can watch for free. For young tourists on a tight budget, this is the place to be.

As you don't want to spend too much time in a small room, there are many things to do here such as hitting the clubs and the popular night market. There are tons of delicious and varied restaurants around as well. Khao San is very close to Bangkok's main tourist destinations, such as the Grand Palace. Best of all, over a million new young tourists visit this backpacker street every year, so you will surely find interesting and beautiful girlfriends from all over the world if you so desire.

In conclusion, hostels are not what you need in Bangkok. At Khao San, rooms for the budget traveler are in many hostels. Those staying at Khao San hotels pay the rates for a hostel but at least have some privacy and may be part of the excitement at this Bangkok tourist destination.

Source by Jeremiah Iverson

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